New employment at the Mactaquac Golf Club

Club de Golf Mactaquac Golf Course:

I’M very excited to let you know I will be working at the Mactaquac Golf Club as Head Golf Professional. This Club is owned by the NB government. I’M inviting you to come play and take golf lessons at this great Golf Club. The club is located 10 minutes from Fredericton, more information about this Club to come! Have a great night!

Je suis très heureux d’avoir l’opportunité de travailler comme Professionnel au Club de Golf de Mactaquac, un terrain qui appartient au gouvernement du NB. Je vous invite à venir jouer et même prendre des leçons à ce magnifique Club. Ce Club est à 10 minutes de Fredericton. Plus d’informations au sujet de ce Club à venir! Bonne soirée!

Claude LeBlanc


*** More information to come! / Plus d’information à venir! ***


Winter Golf Program 2015

New information will be posted soon!



Winter Golf School :

Starting February 9th:  Group lessons

Area: Fredericton
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
(Choice of nights)
7pm till 8h30pm 
8 weeks
$165.00 per person
Groups of 8 to 10 players

From beginners to advanced players, everyone is welcome!

Claude LeBlanc
CPGA Teaching Golf Professional
For more information, call me on my Cel : 506-478-0741




Académie de Golf à Carleton sur Mer

Bienvenue à tous,

hotel 2

Académie de golf en février en plusieurs formats:

Forfait # 1:  (Une fin de semaine de golf)

  • 3 jours d’instruction avec Professionnel Enseignant Claude LeBlanc
  • Hébergement à l’hotel Baie Bleu de Carleton sur Mer
  • Repas compris ( 2 déjeuners – 2 dîners – 1 souper)
  • Utilisation des écrans Golf-In
  • Groupe de 6 à 8 personnes
  • 10 heures d’instruction
  • Vendredi de 19h00 à 21h00
  • Samedi de 9h00 à 16h00  (une heure pour dîner)
  • Samedi soir: Activité de soirée
  • Dimanche de 10h00 à 12h00


Les cours seront donnés en fonction des participants:
A- Débutant ( Jouer au golf de 0 à 20 fois )
B- Intermédiaire ( Jouer au golf une à deux années de 2 à 3 fois par mois)
C- Avancer ( Jouer au golf plusieurs années )

Horaire des cours:


Vendredi soir:

  1. Les 5 positions statiques
  2. L’élan – un bon transfert de poids
  3. Le coups roulé

Samedi matin:

  1. Revision
  2. L’élan au complet
  3. Le jeu d’approche – chipping et le coup roulé

Samedi après-midi:

  1. L’élan au complet
  2. Le coup lobé (pitching)
  3. Stratégie du jeu et règlement

Dimanche matin:

  1. Revision
  2. L’élan aucomplet
  3. Le coup roulé
  4. Le chipping
  5. Le pitching
  6. Questions

Les dates:

Le 14, 15 et 16 février
Le 21, 22 et 23 février
Le 14, 15 et 16 mars
Le 21, 22 et 23 mars
Le 4, 5 et 6 avril
Le 11, 12 et 13 avril
Le 18, 19 et 20 avril


Pour questions et réservations, contactez l’hôtel Baie Bleu au  418-364-3355





#1 Way to Lose Your ​Beer Belly

Claude LeBlanc here, have you added a few inches to your waist line or developed the dreaded beer belly?

Hey, who hasn’t…


I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your belly is going to slowly start to affect your golf game.

Consider these 2 Quick Points:

  • The extra inches to your waistline will decrease your range of motion and throw off your timing and overall swing mechanics.
  • That beer belly kills your stamina and weighs you down especially on the back nine leaving you exhausted which then leads to poor decisions due to lack of focus.

These 2 Quick Points will lead you down the cart path to more bogies, instead of pars and birdies.

Well today I’m here to help reveal how you can cut those inches off your waist line and banish your beer belly! Allowing you to play better golf.
Surprisingly you can do this without aggressive diets, expensive training sessions, or gimmicky fitness aids.




Intrucing the Reset Program:



Better nutrition with one shake a day will help you loose that extra weight.

Give me a call and start your program today. You will love the low glycimic foods from USANA”

Don’t forget, eat low glycimic foods!

Have a great day!!!


What you should know before you buy your next putter.

This is great information if you want to improve your putting.

Putter Fitting is a no-brainer. Putting with an off-the-rack putter is like competing in the high jump from a ditch. You first step to better putting is to get on a level playing field.

Your Putting Stroke:

1- Straight Back and Through Stroke

2- Inside to Inside Stroke – Ark Stroke


Prior to deciding on a putter, determine what you putting stroke style is. Every golf putting stroke is going to fall into one of two categories: either straight back and through, always keeping the putter face square to the ball, or inside to inside motion, or an abbreviated adaptation of the full golf swing. These two different putting strokes will determine the type of putter that is best for you.

Now that you have determine your putting stroke, make sure your putter is the correct lenght.

Putter lenght:

First let’s make sure your putter is the right lenght. This way, your eyes will be over the ball and your arms will be in a vertical position for you to make your stroke.


  • Very important to keep ball close to your feet, eyes over the ball and arms hanging down to a vertical position.

Too Long:

You will stand further from the ball and your eyes will be well inside the ball. The toe of your putter will be off the ground causing it to aim to the left. (Right Handed Player)

Too Short:

You will stand closer to the ball and your eyes will be beyond the ball. The heel of your putter will tend to lift off the ground causing it to aim to the right. (Right Handed Player)

Types of Putters- What’s Best for You


Left: Toe-down balanced.

Center: 45 degree balanced.

Right: Face Balanced

The results of offset and non-offset putters:

Think of it as this: (If your missing your putts to the left- Right Handed Player)

1- If you putt with a toe weighted putter, the club face will stay open longer during the stroke because the heal is lighter and will pass slightly quicker then the toe of the club. Helping pull shots to stay online.

2- If you putt with a 45 degree balanced putter, the club face will stay open not as long as the toe weighted putter but slightly longer then the face balanced putter during the stroke because the heal is slightly lighter and will pass slightly quicker then the toe of the club. Helping pull shots to stay online.

3- If you putt with a face balanced putter, the club face should go straight back to straight through.

MACHINE Luxury Custom Putters

Offset or Non-Offset Putters

The more offset your putter, the less left you will hit your shots. (Right handed player) The offset helps the putter face to stay behind a little more helping the average player to hit to the right. So if you are always missing your shots to the left, consider using a offset putter.

No matter what level of golfer you are, finding the best putter for your putting stroke will be your first step to improved putting. The types of putters you choose from is significant, as it is the single club which you will utilize much more than every other during a round of golf. Becoming a decent or even great putter involves a putter that is exact for you.

Heal and Center Shaft Putter:

putter3putter 1Think of it:

A center shafted putter will stay straight during:
1- Straight Back and Through Stroke

A heal shafted putter will help players that has a tendency to pull their shots to the left. 2- Inside to Inside Stroke – Ark Stroke


From what I’ve read, if you have a straight back and thru putting stroke then a center shafted putter is better suited for you.

If putting stroke has a bit of an arc, then heel shafted is possibly a better choice.

Go see your Golf Professional and try many putters with different offsets and different shaft position to help your game.

By the way: If you ten to always push to the right, what kind of putter are you using??, is it a toe weighted putter????

Hope this helped!

Good golfing!